Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A new month. A new post.

So the below post was supposed to be yesterday's, but I admit I cheated and wrote it Friday because of the holiday. But it is an important post. The good news is that credit card that was discussed in Blog below, came on Saturday and the card is better then expected. I can set up online to pay it monthly from my checking account making equal payments until the balance transfer and purchases are taken care of. Amazing.

I don't know if anyone saw a movie this weekend, but with Shrek 2 and The Day After Tomorrow making almost 180 million combined this weekend someone did. I saw Shrek 2 twice and thought it was a great movie. Amazing job by the hundreds of people it took to put that film together. The Day After Tomorrow, while more of a "waterworld" type theme, kind of resembles my idea for a film. I will go into greater details about Hollywood stealing my ideas in a later post.

And if anyone knows Mel Karmazin, who resigned today from Viacom because of issues in their radio department (FCC and Howard Stern maybe?????), ask him if he has any interest in working for Big Red Entertainment. I could launch a new radio division in hopes of luring him here.

Count down till birthday....8 days.


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