Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Looks good on paper

Well I guess the one problem BRE has is it looks good on paper. Kind of like the Washington Redskins in April. But I really do think the time has come to get busy living or get busy dying. Entertainment and films in particular have been my life. I remember from the pre teen days building sets out of legos and then pretending to film police chases, blow up building and crash planes. Only to rebuild it all and do it again.

I love the summer time. I love summer tent pole films. Films that have no goals but to make a lot of things blow up and a lot of money. Those are the kind of films I want to make. I know I'm destined to make Howard the Duck 2; Howard returns to Cleveland, but one day, I want my chance. Which is why I thought up of the Earthquake Hits New York ( See the idea here)

But I have decided to take a different road to begin. I am looking at three different ideas from books I have read and stories I would love to tell. Since being a small time director, I can not afford to destroy the world so our hero can save the day and rebuild. So I will start with small in expensive tails. I do not want to go into them because none of the rights have been secured yet. But I think the first ever OFFICIAL business trip for Big Red Entertainment might come this summer to meet the writer of one book.

I look forward to making Big Red Entertainment into a functional Entertainment property. I want it to be successful and damnit, from this day forward, MY LIFE WILL BE BIG RED ENTERTAINMENT.


Kevin Karstens said...

"I know I'm destined to make Howard the Duck 2; Howard returns to Cleveland..."

Beat ya to it, my friend!
Check out...
...Look for the SEQUEL page, the trailer for HTD2 is there...sort of...;)

Kevin K

2:20 PM  

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