Thursday, June 03, 2004

Found a blast from the past

Well I found a blast from the past ok. Unfortunately it is all in printed material, but I will try to scan or retype it all in for you to see because it is pretty good. I found a poorly written script from 1996 called "The Gamble". A comedy heist about a bunch of losers who want to rob a casino. The second thing I found was the original Big Red Entertainment Press Kit. Boy is this thing amazing.

See Big Red Entertainment always wanted ( and still wants to) be just like Universal Studios. I went to U.S at an early age and fell in love with it. I decided it was something I always wanted to have. I bought a video about the history of U.S when I was 8 or 9. Such a fascinating story that I was determined to have my own. That is where this press kit comes in.

I decided I would put in writing my ideas for creating the worlds largest entertainment company. I will really work on scanning it in because it is something to see, but I will give you some highlights (this was written in 1997 FYI):

  • We have regional offices in: Washington D.C, Hartford CT, Flagler Beach FL, New York NY, Blacksburg VA and Boston MA
  • We have 4 toll-free numbers
  • There were 5 divisions of BRE: Production, Retail Entertainment, Family Entertainment, Innovations and of course Theme Park Entertainment

    The best part of looking at this almost 7 years after I wrote it is this:

    "This newly created publishing company is said to be "the missing piece" to The Big Red Production Company. Big Red Productions (BiRP) will now be in position to acquire exclusive and original feature film output material. Big Red Publishing plans to release its first books in the new millennium. A planned yearly output of approximately fifteen books in various genres is slated to begin in 2001"

    There it is. Word for Word. What I typed up in 1997 and printed for the first time in 1999. WOW! As for the screenplay... Maybe will work to rewrite it. I mean it is 8 years old and what is old is new again. I will keep you updated on what is transpiring. But a funny blast from the past.


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