Monday, June 14, 2004


What a wonderfully world this is. There is a place where one can sell all of his crap to someone else. I have decided that it is time to ebay a shit load of stuff and will launch it on the world sometime today or tomorrow. Everything must go. We have projects to fund and my old crap and ebay are going to be the revenue source.

To give you an example. I sold a logitech mouse that was sitting in my junk drawer for over 5 months for 40 bucks. Now not everything has sold for what I had hoped for, but in the past two months, almost $1000 bucks has been generated from the sale of 20 products.

I figure the pool party is going to cost around 10k to do a months worth of parties. I better start looking for more crap to sell. I will post the link to my ebay store as soon as it goes live.

Happy buying!


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