Friday, June 04, 2004

A bad case of Blog Block

Wow, it has only been a week and I seem to have Blog Block. I think it is because today is Friday, the weather is nice, there is a big party with big fireworks and did I mention the weather is nice! No rain! Amazing. To bad today is the last day for no rain.

Here is a tip for musicians, screenwriters, storytellers or anyone else of a creative entrepreneurship... MOVE TO PORTLAND!!! I must say if I had no job between September and June, and I spent my time dedicated to my craft, I would have about 10 movie scripts written. It just rains and rains. It is not a heavy rain, but a rain that would really keep me in the house. And since it rains daily in the winter, I would be home and rich with scripts. Hum..

Anyway. Hope if anyone is out there reading this, you have a wonderful weekend yourself. Hopefully your weekend will not be as wet as ours out here and hopefully my Blog block will not last to much longer. So much to tell, so little time!


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