Friday, May 28, 2004

Big Red Needs Credit

Big Red Entertainment is looking for credit! It is important in this day and age to have ample credit and more then anything I am learning how to play the game. BRE (as I will use more and more) has a main credit card that gets airline miles and has a 40k limit and an AMEX that we use only to impress people because it is clear. Yes, it works! Success!

Now with the world under so much debt, everyone is fighting for your share. So we have begun to look for cards that offer 0%APR for 1 year on purchases and balance transfers. This will allow us to do two things. 1) Consolidate debt from the two cards onto one and 2) Allow for a little spending room to do some big events this year.

The pool parties and EDU Rocks (Part of Big Red Concerts) cost almost last year and brought in revenues of just over 1K. It is hard to know if the ideas were bad, I don't believe they were, or if the time was not right and so we do it again. BRE can now finance the pool parties on credit, and divide the 7k over 10 months making it possible to put on this year. Of course, this cant be done A LOT. Credit card companies I am sure frown upon this, but it is a great tool to do once or twice a year. Especially for a small entertainment company.

You always read about this director who made his first film on his credit card, And here is an interesting article here about one case. If you were ever going to do anything but never had the money, now is your chance. All of these cards listed here offer up to 1 year with no interest. So get out there. Make your CD. Film your movie. Pay for it later. We are!


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